In Andalucia the door conveys the character of the house style and can range from austere, formidable, practical, welcoming and even humorous. The surrounding area can express the character of the owner using the same categories.

In La Heredia we have 208 houses and 208 different doors.

Our nearest town is Ronda some 40 kilometres to the north. It dates from early Moorish times and is a major centre for artisanal woodwork and especially the construction of doors of all types and sizes. In the tourist office there is always a fascinating large full colour poster for sale which shows around 20 of the most beautiful examples of the doors found in the town.

The importance of the entrance door was recognised when La Heredia was originally conceived by two brothers, Paco and Jaime Parlade, one an architect and the other an interior designer. Old and antique doors were reclaimed and restored and the frames made to accommodate the different sizes. Many were found by gypsies in the rural areas of Andalucia and passed to the Parlades (the reasons for this are explained in the article on this site about the history of the Parlade family going back to the 1820s). It was their ambition to make every house different and therefore individual.

Here is a selection of the entrances to houses in La Heredia. There are no captions deliberately. Maybe you can judge the nature of the house and owner and even come up with some additional characteristics.

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