This skill, along with woodwork and ceramics, is one of the important ancient artisanal skills of southern Spain.

Many visitors first encounter it when looking at the houses where lower floor windows have decorative grilles, known in Spanish as "Rejas" set into the outside walls. The history of this use goes back to the time before glass was used for windows. Traditional houses were built around the central courtyard which contained the well. The openings in the walls could be closed by shutters, but, because of the intense heat which prevails most of the year here, they were left open to allow the passage of air and the ornamental rejas stopped unwelcome visitors climbing in. This traditional use applies today.

Security however is just a small use of decorative iron work. It serves as railings within churches and cathedrals, gates, outside tables, benches and chairs, as well as doors, outside lights and many other items of daily Spanish life.

Because the herreros, or blacksmiths, are so busy there is a local saying in Spanish which is "En la casa de herrero las cucharas son madera" in other words "In the house of the blacksmith the spoons are made of wood"

The creators of our beautiful village searched the rural areas and reclaimed many items of iron which were cleaned and incorporated into our houses, courtyards and plazas. Here are a few examples.

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