La Heredia Roads

La Heredia Road

Although La Heredia is a private community largely responsible for its own upkeep, the laws say that our roads are public! That would be reasonable if the regional government paid for them to be repaired and maintained, but they do not. This has meant that since La Heredia was started back in the 1980`s the burden of roads repair has been borne by the owners.

Last year we made vigorous representation to Benahavis Municipality which resulted, after many delays and false starts, in them spending around 40,000 euros in re-surfacing major portions of our most heavily trafficked roads. We have already filed for more help for the current year but it is tough going in this economic climate.

The capital from the Municipality allowed us to spend our budget in major re-laying of a section of heavily used roads in two other areas.

Because of the geography of our community around 99% of vehicles enter at the main gate. Shortly after the entrance hill the road divides into two arms, each of which reaches the far corners of the village. It is these arms that take most traffic and therefore need most upkeep. We are watching the smaller roads carefully and will not neglect them.

New surfacing at the entrance and a section of Calle Jaime Parlade.

La Heredia Road
La Heredia Road
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