New Plaza in La Heredia

Plaza Nueva La Heredia


In addition to a central square in most villages and small towns in Spain many"barrios" have their own smaller version where the local residents can sit and relax. With a great deal of work from our maintenance men and gardeners we have just finished the "Plaza de los dos Arboles" in the El Castillo part of the village.

The plaza is named after the two typical Andalucian trees, almond and fig, which were carefully preserved during building work. Eight large bogainvillaeas were planted in rich soil we introduced behind the stone walls and they are all doing very well. Soon we will separate the branches and spread them sideways to give us a permanent wall of colour. Gentle lighting provides a relaxing atmosphere for the evenings.

This is the 13th plaza we have in La Heredia. It was also the most difficult to build as the strip of land we used was not easy to work on. Our main plaza has a huge fountain and is spacious enough to take a stroll in. It is filled with lush plants. Our plazas have seats and great shows of flowers and shrubs. Many also have wonderful views. Take time to enjoy what we have.

Plaza Nueva La Heredia
Plaza Nueva La Heredia
Show the narrow strip of land on which we built, from both ends. We used stones for the walls and terracotta tiles for the paved areas. The seat of the bench has beautiful Spanish ceramic tiles.
Plaza Nueva La Heredia
The fig tree has produced breakfast fruit for one local owner for most of the autumn.
This is the colour of the bougainvillaea flowers which will cover the back wall.
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