Gardening is like astronomy - just when you think you know it all another huge area appears. With this in mind we looked at our very nice existing gardens in La Heredia a few years back and found that we were maintaining colourful planted areas and replacing what had died or got too old. However, there were many areas of opportunity to add not only plants but fascinating alleys, courtyards, fountains and seating areas to take advantage of the stunning views, and to design each to be both traditional in style and individual in character.

In total, fifteen areas, either existing or new, have been converted into courtyards or view points, most with seating and several with fountains. Most have traditional names featured in ceramic tiles.

Both pools have attractive planting - the new one with large pots of plumbago shrubs, the blue flowers of which harmonise with the water.

The old pool has grassed family enclosures on different levels and a tall backdrop of sub-tropical trees.

For the past three years we have developed our own "nursery" where excess branches, cuttings and roots of exotic (and expensive) flowering trees, shrubs and various bulbs are nurtured through to planting size.

Many owners have sought advice and help in improving the gardens immediately outside their own houses, and this has been gladly given. Many, too, have added features in the style of old Spanish villages, and used pots, a small table and welcoming chairs for passers by. To everyone who has added their own contribution to our glorious gardens we would like to say a big "THANK YOU"

Here are some examples of the contributions made by owners.

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